"Shaping the future status quo"

Thinking outside the box in logistics: A lab as a turbo on the way to digitalization. We are building bridges for the logistics industry into the promising world of digital value chains. 
Dynamic Startups coupled with our broad expertise, comprehensive networks and capital, develop into long-term sources of growth and partners for the future. With external partners and the capabilities and creativity of our group we realize pioneering products and services, interfaces and platforms. Our mission

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Andreas Schmid Lab energized by

"logistics beyond"

As a designer and driver of holistic logistics solutions, we combine expertise and service in logistics, IT and innovation. We are committed to further developing this core competency for the global market and to sustainably increase the added value for our customers. The mutual success with our customers gives rise to new dimensions for the best solution – since 1928.

"Tracking the Digital Future"

IT services are the backbone of future-proof logistics solutions. For this reason, we have born our IT company Quentia out of Andreas Schmid Group. It implements intelligent networks together with the latest technologies – solution-oriented, innovation-driven and on par with the customer.

"ad(d) intelligence"

Digital transformation is no longer an empty phrase. It is much more the chance for new thinking. Think with us and allow us to create a still untamed digital world that extends beyond the horizon, so that you can ride through the World Wild Web securely equipped for the future.

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